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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April is Poetry Month (April 20, 2016)

I promised something original mid-week, and I was debating between two. And then I saw Naomi’s comment, at Wonderland Creek, about Dr. Seuss, and that settled the matter.

I imagine, that like many children, my first exposure to poetry was Dr. Seuss, and like most I thoroughly enjoyed his poetry.

In respect, gratitude, and love, I offer my own – Ode to Dr. Seuss.

by J.E. Fountain

On those days, rainy days with nothing to do
How he took me away, and I bet he took you

To whimsical lands and fanciful creatures
With stars on their bellies and other odd features

Yes the thinks I can think, thanks to old Dr. Seuss
And his tale of the Oobleck or a big hearted moose

Of foxes in sockses or odd colored eggs
Or a book about feet but not one about legs

Yes a book about feet is quite a rare feat
It's a feat I repeat and may never be beat

And the Lorax, oh the Lorax, not a word rhymes with Lorax
I couldn't rhyme that if I sat on sharp floor tacks

And the Whos I have wondered, were the Whos the Grinch hated
The same Horton heard or not even related

And the cat, that old cat, in the red and white hat
How could I possibly forget about that

Or those marvelous pests, thing one and thing two
Or Yertle the turtle, or fish red and fish blue

How I hopped on my pop, I hopped till he pleaded
I'm certain he wished that he'd not let me read it

To many I'm certain it seems childish prattle
But take heed and remember the Great Butter Battle

And now when I'm strolling down Mulberry Street
And I see something common, something not at all neat

I try to imagine what the Doctor might say
That a great wild adventure is but one think away

But he's gone now, he's gone, but never forgotten
To forget Dr. Seuss would be something quite rotten

So he lives in my heart and I'll always remember
Especially when rolls round the First of Octember

For though I never met him, I'd say he's my friend
And once that is said, all that's left is…The End

© 2015 Joseph E. Fountain


  1. I dig it! There's really nothing like a good Dr. Seuss book, is there?

  2. Love it. :-) You have such a knack, sir! Good job!


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