Wanderer's Poetry

The following links are to original poems composed by Yours Truly

The Fading Realm
  • Something I wrote for my daughter
The Boy in the Moon
  • About my childhood, sort of. My aunt once commented that the boy riding the moon in the DreamWorks logo, reminded her of myself when I was a child. I was quite flattered, as I am very envious of that boy. My aunt's comment, and the logo inspired the poem.

The Love Bird
  • An antithesis to Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. I've always been fascinated by Poe's most famous poem and the unique meter. I've also always been a little depressed by its...depressing message. So, once upon an evening idle...I decided to emulate Poe's meter, but with a more hopeful message. And therefore with all due courtesy to the inimitable poet Poe, I offer my own creation.
Ode to Dr. Seuss
  • Exactly what the title says

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