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Monday, May 22, 2017

10 Books I Have Read...or have I?

#10Books is a meme, I first saw at Brona's Books. In fact, if you hurry over there you still have a chance to get a guess in.

How well do you know my reading habits?

1.  Lost Horizon
2.  The Covenant
3.  The Hunt for Red October
4.  The Alchemist
5.  Inca Gold
6.  The Elegance of the Hedgehog
7.  Lassie Come Home
8.  Something Wicked This Way Comes
9. The Fall of the House of Usher
10. The Valachi Papers

Feel free to join in and leave a link to your list. I'll be sure to venture a guess.


  1. My guess (and it really is just a guess) is The Alchemist. I really disliked that book (not a fan of allegory usually) so I HOPE you haven't read it. :)

    1. Well...that was over quick :D First one and you got it. We've spent 7 guesses at Brona's and still haven't gotten it right.

  2. That's funny Joseph - I was going to pick The Alchemist too!!
    I have never understood the fuss about this book at all.

    I now only have two choices left - it's a 50/50 chance for the lucky last guess :-)

  3. Hmm... actually I guessed Lassie Come Home... :)
    The Alchemist -- is this Paulo Coelho's? It's actually my favorite from Coelho.

    1. Finally...I fooled someone. Nope, I read Lassie many years ago. Yes,'s somewhere in the TBR.

  4. I was going to pick The Hunt for Red October. I started The Alchemist and couldn't read more than 50 pages.

    1. Nope...I read all of Clancy's novels until Jack Ryan was no longer in them. The prequel to them all...Without Remorse, is a pretty grim read, but riveting.

  5. The Valachi Papers? That is my guess!

    1. Of course, you've probably seen the correct answer by now, but thanks for sharing your guess. I felt rather embarrassed :)...for being so transparent to the first guesses. But no, I've read the Valachi Papers many years ago. It was quite eye opening.


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