Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Classics Club - Round #2 - NOVA this week.

Observations from my weekly wanderings, usually in Northern Virginia (NOVA).

I’m using NOVA this week to announce I’m renewing my subscription to The Classics Club – by reading novels #76-150 of MY LIST, between January 2017 and January 2022.

I thought I’d also offer a short recap of my first round with The Classics Club: novels #26-75 of MY LIST.

My favorite? From those 50 books, I only gave 5 STARS to three of em, and I can’t choose between them, so we’ll just call it a tie:  David CopperfieldGone With the Wind, and The Count of Monte Cristo.

Most disliked? I only gave 2 STARS twice, but I’ll break the tie. I disliked Money a bit more than I disliked The Ambassadors.

Everything in between? Please see MY LIST. My reviews are all hyperlinked.

Thank You to the mods at The Classics Club. It is a wonderful forum to meet other Classics readers.



  1. Ah... so you have started your second round. Mine will be effective on March.

    David Coppoerfield and The Count of Monte Cristo are in my favorite list too, but I have failed with Gone with the Wind. I just could not relate with the story, and I hated the heroine. GWTW is for me just another historical-romance fiction...

  2. Congratulations on finishing your first round!


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