Saturday, September 29, 2018

Classic Lit in Song - NOVA this Week

Observations from my weekly wanderingsusually in Northern Virginia (NOVA).

I don’t do a lot of “tags” or “memes” (not even exactly clear on the difference), I participate in a few challenges, hosted one (wasn’t a huge success), my site isn’t monetized, and I don’t do a lot of that stuff.

This blog is mostly just journaling my reading journey. But I do have a little thingy calling for your interaction today; I’m calling it a question.(Catchy huh? Gonna be the next big thing.)

Mostly for the Classics crowd – but everyone is welcome to join in.

What books do you know of that have been made the subject of song?

A few rules: (more what we’ll call guidelines than actual rules).
  1. I’m thinking mostly novels, and mostly classic novels – but whatevs
  2. Don’t google it – just songs that serendipity led you to
  3. The song has to be at least a little bit true to the book. Best explained by example. A few years ago, a singer/songwriter who sang/wrote “you were Romeo, I was your scarlet letter” But the song is not about Shakespeare’s play, or Hawthorne’s novel. Don’t list that song. I will block you.
  4. Not movie soundtracks – unless a song in the soundtrack sort of tells the story.
  5. Comment below, and I’ll do a new post next week with the results.
  6. Comments welcome, even if you don't have a song

I’ll start. And in accordance with the rules, there are only three that come to mind:

Seems like there must be one by Al Stewart, but I can’t think of it.

Your turn – or did I take all the good ones?



  1. Withering Heights was the only one I came up with, although for some reason I think there might be a song that references a Robert Frost poem.
    I’m sure there will be a Beatles song that harks back to a book too....

    1. Turns out there a couple Beatles songs - one that I think we both should have known. The answer is here:


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