Monday, May 29, 2023

Final edition - NOVA this Week

I was never very faithful with this theme anyway. But that’s not why I’m shutting it down. As I post this, my wife and I have departed the Old Dominion (Virginia) and are in our new home in Michigan. I have retired, and this time REALLY retired. I retired in 2007 after 22 years in United States Air Force, spent a couple years as a Defense Contractor, and the last 13+ as a DoD civilian. Hence really retiring this time. I don’t believe I will have another career, unless perhaps as an author.


But that’s just sort of a dream.


Speaking of dreams, all my working years I dreamt of retiring on a private lake, great fishing, quiet country view, a sandy beach for the grandkids, and just a few neighbors. But I sort of thought it was probably just a dream.


Back in February this year, we closed on a house on a private lake, with great fishing, beautiful views, a sandy beach, and just a handful of friendly neighbors in Southwest Michigan. God is good!


Most importantly it’s a 30-minute drive for two of our kids and grandkids, and 2 hours from a third child and family.


So, no more NOVA (Northern Virginia) this Week. Perhaps I’ll start a new thread…News from the Mitten.




The Wanderer


  1. Congrats on the retirement and the new home. It looks like the house in On Golden Pond! Idyllic and so peaceful.

    1. Thanks Brona! Yes, it is very peaceful, even this past holiday weekend. We love it.


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