Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Fading Realm

I happened to be in the city today (Washington D.C.) and the name of a local restaurant caught my attention – Busboys and Poets. It is also a bookstore, and live performance venue for local artists

In the mid 1920’s Langston Hughes was working as a busboy at the Wardman Park Hotel in D.C. where he encountered American poet Vachel Lindsay. Hughes shared some of his poetry with Lindsay, who dubbed him the busboy poet – and the rest is history.

The food was excellent, the atmosphere eclectic, the book selection was small with a distinct focus.

It all leads up to this, an original poem that I wrote a few years ago for my daughter. I was never a busboy.

The Fading Realm
By J.E. Fountain

There are times I feel that all the world
Is asleep
That God and I alone keep the watch

But of course it is only a dream
The world turns
And God seems to manage without me

But then there are those times late at night
All my realm
Lies quiet and I savor the peace

Lord and guardian I survey my keep
All are safe
With no cause for alarm they all sleep

The Queen, my companion and my friend
Feels me stir
Half asleep she chides "don't be too late"

But I cherish the dark and quiet
And she knows
There are burdens I carry alone

If the princes are home, which grows rare
I find them
I can hear them breathe; it is enough

Soon they must begin their own crusade
I am sad
But not dismayed; they are well prepared

And last I will visit the princess
She sleeps quiet
And I lose track of time at her side

Soon I will no more be what I have
Always been
The most important man in her life

May God grant that I will be gracious
To the man
That cannot hope to be found worthy

But he will try, and she will believe
As she should
And I need rise no more in the night

The queens voice breaks the spell and bids me
Come to bed
For a moment longer I tarry

Trembling hands caress the princess' cheek
I kiss her
Good night Sweetheart, sleep well, I love you

Sleepily, dreamily, "Good night Daddy"
"I love you"
All is well

© 2015 Joseph E. Fountain


  1. Aww. Very sweet! I am so grateful to know there are fathers who understand the importance of their presence in and protection of the lives of their daughters!!!!!

  2. Sweet poem! My friends love to visit Busboys & Poets for the poetry sessions. I've always walked by but forget to go in. I will one of these days.


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