Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - September 27, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish

September 27: Books on my Fall TBR list:

Ten books for fall? The good folks at the Broke and the Bookish read faster than I, or reader shorter books than I, or both. I will definitely NOT finish all of these before Winter Solstice. In fact, if I’ve even begun Les Mis, I’ll be doing good. Regardless, the next 10 up:

Atlas Shrugged – about one quarter through this. I really like it so far.

Great Expectations – a reread, it’s been a while. I’m looking forward to see if my feelings change. I remember being a little dissatisfied with the ending, which is pretty unusual for Dickens. I have a feeling I may like it better this time.

The Fountainhead – I’ll be pretty fresh off finishing my first Ayn Rand, and already my second. I’m enjoying the first, so looking forward to the second.

The Wings of the Dove – Also fairly fresh off my first Henry James novel, which I didn’t love, so I’m not terribly excited about this one…and I have two more Henry James’ novels coming up.

Les Misérables – Never read it, but I love each and every film version I’ve seen. Looking forward to this one.

Crime and Punishment – My second read of Dostoevsky, looking forward to it.

The Heart of the Matter – First read of Graham Greene, and I’ve no inkling of the plot. Greene had a day job similar to my own…so there’s that.

Appointment in Samarra – Also unfamiliar with John O’Hara or his novel. No expectations.

Vanity Fair – a reread. I loved it first time, though it lags a bit in the middle.

The Golden Bowl – and another Henry James novel.

The Portrait of a Lady – and another, but this from a much earlier period of James’ writing, which I have read is very different from his later writing. Perhaps I will like this more.


  1. I also don't expect to read 10 books during Fall, but one can dream, right? Crime and Punishment is also on my list, but to be quite honest I'm having a hard time with it. Maybe reading your review will encourage me to read on.

    (My top 10 List)

    1. I'll remind you of C&P when I start...probably not before 2017.

  2. There are a few on here (the Hugo, the Henry James) that I'd really like to read as well. Not this fall, though. :)

    Happy reading!

  3. I celebrate your ambitious reading plan for the fall, and I look forward to your reading your postings/discussions. Over at my blog, linked below, I have a much less ambitious plan; I invite you to stop by every now and then.



  4. I think I love much of your fall TBR list.

    I read The Fountainhead in college (thanks to an architect professor). I LOVED it b/c Howard Roark was ME, me, me, and I was so self-centered when I was 20. However, I wonder how I would feel about Roark today. I really must reread this tome; and I just need to read more Ayn Rand b/c she is awesome and radical.

    BTW, Portrait of a Lady caused conflict between James and me, but that is from a woman's perspective. So I am curious how you will view it.

  5. I am LOVING Atlas Shrugged so far...so timely TODAY!


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