Saturday, August 25, 2018

Septus Textum Scriptus Annusversarius (7thAnniversary of the Blog)

Septus Textum Scriptus Annusversarius

You may know it as a blogoversary, but – as I asserted last year – blogoversary is incorrect.

This blog was originally about my quest to read the 100 Greatest Novels of All Time. As I was nearing the completion of my quest, I briefly toyed with the idea of pacing myself to finish on the anniversary – but no – I just pressed on and finished June 30, 2018. 

But since those milestones didn’t coincide, I thought perhaps I could mark the Septus Textum Scriptus Annusversarius with my 100,000thpage view, but I missed that by about a thousand views.

So, while I was missing all these chances, I just went ahead and missed the actual date of the anniversary as well, which was August 16. Sorry, I was very busy. 

Better late than never, and without further ado, Happy Septus Textum Scriptus Annusversarius to the Once Lost Wanderer. Gift ideas: copper or wool are traditional gifts. I'm not that keen on wool. Pennies are copper, so if perhaps everyone who reads this sends me all the pennies they have in their possession (or other copper currency of their homeland), that would be appropriate. 

But you know...whatevs.

Live justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God.



  1. Happy Septus Textum Scriptus Annusversarius! Thank you for years of masterful insight into lovely books, especially classics.

  2. Congrats with both memorable milestones (100 Novels and blog birthday). What's the next big reading challenge?

    1. Less structured is next...whatever piques my interest, which will still be mostly classic novels. And, I'm on my second Classics Club List.

  3. Happy Seven Years! I'm not even going to try to spell out the Latin and I'm too lazy to copy and paste :-D


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