Monday, August 17, 2020

Are You a Cow by Sandra Boynton - Guest Book Review by my Grandson Titus

Are You a Cow by Sandra Boynton

Guest Book Review by my Grandson Titus

This guest book review is by my youngest grandchild, Titus. 


Titus says, Are You a Cow is a second-person, self-help book in poetic form. He confesses he was less compelled by the existential exploration of self, than he was by the colorful pictures of only slightly anthropomorphized animals. He’s not a big fan of over-anthropomorphizication – but who is? Regarding the narrative, he felt that although the major premise was logically sound, it is for the most part superfluous. He has never seriously pondered himself being a cow, frog, dog, duck, etc., much less a hippopotamus. Which brings him to his second, though lesser complaint: Boynton’s over-used trope of the hippopotamus that she seems to slip into every book. Titus thinks hippos are fun, but can easily be overdone.


None of which is to imply Titus did not like the book. He feels that Boynton’s poetry is neo-classical, her outlook is positive, her message sincere, and her conclusion unassailable.

You are you, and that is great!


Titus gives it 3 ½ Stars




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  1. LOL... evidently a future librarian!

  2. A very articulate young grandson you have there. 😃

  3. We are big fans of Boynton in this household; my personal favorite is _What's Wrong, Little Pookie?_.("Did tiny green elephants with wings oh-so-blue fly off with the cookies and leave none for you?"-- quite possibly the best line in a children's board book ever.)

    1. That is right up there with "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

  4. "her conclusion unassailable" - lol, this was funny. :P


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