Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April is Poetry Month (April 26, 2016)

Dedicated to the Crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia, STS 107


Dedicated to the Crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia, STS 107


by J.E. Fountain

You longed to touch the heavens bright
And dared to sail the sky
Defying fear that binds the souls
Of those afraid to fly

You braved the treacherous climb to heights
That few will ever see
Then riding home, you're lost to us
But found eternity

In vain some cry and hang their head
Despairing all is lost
And sorrow great deceives their heart
It was not worth the cost

For vision oft' demands a price
Discovery is not free
And what we bought with seven lives
Is not yet clear to see

If standing on your shoulders soon
We glimpse a brand new star
May courage drive us onward then
Not fearing 'tis too far

For should we fail to reach it then
In close or distant year
The price with which we bought the sight
Will be a price too dear

But when we finally reach that star
We'll publish forth her fame
And honor you who brought her close
Columbia your name

For it was you who saw her first
Though not with feeble eyes
But vision that would give you strength
To dare to sail the skies  

© Joseph E. Fountain, April 2016


  1. Well, I am all over goosebumps from reading this. Clear, simple, honest, and touching -- like the best poetry.


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