Monday, April 23, 2018

Speaketh Like Shakespeare Day - NOVA this week

Anon, I writeth NOVA on Saturday, but for reasons that wilt apace becometh obvious, I has't deferred until present day, being The Bard's birthday which hath been haply proclaimed, by esteemed authority, speaketh Like Shakespeare Day. Someone, peradventure the same esteemed authority, hath eke decreed April is ever more poetry month. 

‘tis possible that April wast chosen as poetry month, due to’t coinciding with Shakespeare's birthday, but I can't sayeth with credence nor surety.  Without intention, tis Shakespeare's birthday, tis Talk Like Shakespeare Day, tis Poetry month, and tis NOVA this week. 

That is all I has't to sayeth. On second bethought, since tis poetry month, I shalt, without umbrage deign to self-promoteth, and posteth a link to mine own Poetry.



  1. Yeah, I've long wondered if April is Poetry Month cuz of Shakespeare's birthday. Or if April 23 is World Book Day for the same reason.

    1. My daughter would say..."who can know these things?" Seems like there is probably some connection.


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