Saturday, May 5, 2018

You should be able to guess by now - NOVA this week

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If you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you should be able to guess the topic of NOVA this week.

First Saturday in May?, most exciting two minutes in sports? – no? My Old Kentucky Home? – nothing?

The Run for the Roses? 

It is Kentucky Derby Day!

Statue of the Great Barbaro

As usual, in token deference to the literary theme of this blog, I’ll start by commenting on the names of the runners, which are so often creative and intriguing. This year is a bit disappointing in those terms, no names I’m absolutely in love with, but there are a few with a bit of panache. 

Mendelssohn – after the German composer
Magnum Moon – cuz, ya know…MOON
My Boy Jack – I’m not really a fan of this name, but he is the son a horse with a magnificent name – Creative Cause, who won me some pocket change back when
Vino Rosso – (Red Wine)

But my favorite this year, with a subtle literary reference, is Good Magic, whose Dam (momma), was Glinda the Good

But now for what you’re really waiting for – who’s gonna win? Some people pay for this type of info – just sayin.

The favorites will be Justify and Mendelssohn, but I hate betting on favorites cuz they don’t pay. Of course, it doesn’t pay to bet on a horse that doesn’t win either (not quite true as you can bet on a horse to place (2nd) or show (3rd)), but my point, it doesn’t pay to bet on a loser either, no matter how long the odds. But, there are a couple longer odds horses that I believe have a good chance. This is handicapping now, nothing to do with their names; I like Vino Rosso, followed closely by Good Magic.

Vino Rosso because – this is a bit involved – Todd Pletcher (best trainer in the sport today), has four runners in the Derby. His #1 jockey, John Valazquez, could have his pick of any of these four. Valazquez chose to ride Vino Rosso. This says he believes HIS best chance to win is aboard Vino Rosso, and jocks know a thing or two about horses.

Good Magic, oh I don’t know just something unknown. I think he’s sitting on a big race. And he’s already beaten five of the other horses in the Kentucky Derby, but not getting much respect.

By the way, they’re not horses; they’re colts. Sometimes there’s a gelding or a filly in the field, but this year all 20 are colts.

Exacta Box 5-6-7-16-18 can’t miss.

And click HERE for a bit of prose I wrote about the Spectacle of the Kentucky Derby and the Greatest Race horse ever.

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