Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I Spy Book Challenge

I haven’t done a book tag in a while and I won’t be doing my normal reading tonight (left my read at the office), so I thought I’d take part in this tag. I saw it first at Jessie’s Dwell in Possibility, though rumor has it it started with Lala at BooksandLala

Pretty simple, find a book on your bookshelves that contains, either imagery or words, portraying each subject. A separate book for all 20 please. I assume there are severe penalties if you reuse a book. There is also a suggestion it should be done in 5 minutes, but I’m thinking…not so much.

From my shelves: I was trying for imagery in most cases (cuz I wanted to). A few require explanation.

1. Food

2. Transportation

3. Weapon
The ONE RING is the weapon of the enemy…see what I did there?

4. Animal

5. Number

6. Something you read
Needs a little explanation. In this novel, there is a fictional poet, who writes a fiction poem title Pale Fire. The actual author of the novel, named the novel Pale Fire as well…but still, Pale Fire is the title of a poem, something you read.

7. Body of water

8. Product of fire
I may be cheating just a little, but I’m OK with it. This is more of a producer of fire.

9. Royalty

10. Architecture
The book is about architecture, but the cover also depicts it.

11. Item of clothing
I just like the cloaked outfit on the cover.

12. Family member

13. Time of Day

14. Music
A Dance to the Music of Time

15. Paranormal Being

16. Occupation

17. Season
It might seem like I’m cheating, but I’m not. The rather stunning cover, depicts light in August, and August is late summer, so the cover depicts summer. BOOM! Stop challenging me.

18. Color
Cuz, ya know…orange is a color.

19. Celestial Body

20. Something that grows
The cover is full of rich verdure

And yeah, if you read this consider yourself tagged. The original challenge was a couple years ago...so take your time.


  1. I laughed at number 17, haha.. but the original rule said "get as creative as you want", so.. you are forgiven! :P

    I'm doing it too myself, it's so fun and challenging.

    1. Thanks Fanta...I liked your choices too.

  2. That was fun--enjoyed your covers and explanations. Glad you explained Pale Fire--I would not have gotten it without help. Nice romp through the classics!

    1. Pale Fire is a very unusual read. I recommend it. Thanks Jane.

  3. I suspect that some time in the next 12 mnths I will also have a go at this - thanks :-)
    Your fun comments were the light relief I needed tonight too!

    1. Thanks...glad I could brighten your day a bit. I'll watch for your choices on this challenge...one day.

  4. This does look like fun and, as I told Fanda, a little challenging. I may give it a try this weekend. You definitely put some thought into your choices. My favorites (as in choices) are #3, 10, 11, 12, and 20. : D

    1. It was fun, and thanks for the feedback. I'll be watching for your selections. :)

  5. Love your picks and commentary! Many of these classics are on my TBR list, and I'm glad you decided to participate in the tag. Those editions of A Dance to the Music of Time are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Jessie. The covers and title of A Dance to the Music of Time (and even the story), are based on a painting of the same name by Nicolas Poussin. It is a fascinating painting, though the precise meaning of the symbolism is debated. I wish the story was as fascinating as the painting.

  6. Lots of great classics amongst your picks. I like your weapon choice and your creativity with #6. Without your explanation I wouldn't have got it!

    1. Thanks Yvonne. Sorry for the delay in responding. Somehow, I was not receiving notification of all comments awaiting approval, and I didn’t see this until now.


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