Saturday, May 12, 2018

My Blog's Name in Books

I first saw this at She Reads Novels, but it was created by Fictionphile.

Simple Rules:
1. Spell out your blog’s name.
2. Find a book from your TBR that begins with each letter.
3. Have fun!

So here goes (all classic novels):

Tender is the Night     by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Hard Times     by Charles Dickens
Eye of the Needle     by Ken Follett

O Pioneers!     by Willa Cather
Nero Wolfe     by Rex Stout
Candide     by Voltaire
East of Eden     by John Steinbeck

Little House on the Prairie     by Laura Ingalls Wilder
One Lonely Night     by Mickey Spillane
Scoop      by Evelyn Waugh
Tobacco Road     by Erskine Caldwell

We Have Always Lived in the Castle     by Shirley Jackson
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland     by Lewis Carrol
Nausea     by Jean-Paul Sartre
Decameron     by Giovanni Boccaccio
Ethan Frome     by Edith Wharton
Rabbit (series)     by John Updike
Eugene Onegin     by Alexander Pushkin
Rebecca     by Daphne du Maurier

I also attempted this with books I’ve read. I couldn’t quite pull it off sticking only with classic novels. I don't think Roverandom or Ender’s Game can really be considered  classics, while Evidence that Demands a Verdict is non-fiction. 

The Great Gatsby     by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Heart of Darkness     by Joseph Conrad
Emma     by Jane Austen

On the Road     by Jack Kerouac
Nineteen-Eighty-Four     by George Orwell
Catch-22     by Joseph Heller
Ender’s Game     by Orson Scott Card

Lord of the Flies     by William Golding
One-Hundred Years of Solitude     by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Slaughterhouse Five     by Kurt Vonnegut
To the Lighthouse     by Virginia Woolf

Wuthering Heights     by Emily Brontë
Animal Farm     by George Orwell
Nostromo     by Joseph Conrad
Don Quixote     by Miguel de Cervantes
Every Living Thing     by James Herriot
Remembrance of Things Past     by Marcel Proust
Evidence that Demands a Verdict     by Josh McDowell
Roverandom     by J.R.R. Tolkien



  1. Great lists! I only used TBR books for mine and didn't try it with books I'd already read. I'm pleased to see you have East of Eden and Rebecca on your TBR as I loved both of those.

    1. Good to know. I'm looking forward to them, but truthfully, all of these. :)

  2. O Pioneers found it's way onto my list too - great that you managed to make 2 lists from this meme.

  3. This was soo fun, thank you! What great classics you have!! My post will be up tomorrow, but I had fun doing this!!

  4. Fun meme--I may give it a try, but my blog name is so long and with all those ING endings, it'll be a challenge.

    1. That would be a long one, but c'mon...I bet you've got a long TBR!


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