Saturday, July 7, 2018

My Fellow Bookbloggers - NOVA this Week

Observations from my weekly wanderingsusually in Northern Virginia (NOVA).

Dear Fellow Bookbloggers (and anyone else who has left a comment on this blog in the past couple weeks),

My apologies if you left a comment and I didn’t respond. Somehow, blogger was not sending me notifications of new comments awaiting approval – so I wasn’t seeing any new comments.

Honestly, I was getting a little worried and a little hurt. I mean, I thought I had made some pretty momentous posts – and nothin!

I finally started investigating last night, and found 30 comments awaiting approval. Very relieved.

Everything from the last couple weeks, but also some older ones, when I was apparently just getting some notifications, but not others. So, if you got a response to something you posted months agao…that’s why.

I am still planning my Quest Wrap up post in a couple days – and ALL my Dear Bookblogger Buddies better respond to that, or I’ll definitely be hurt.

Live justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God.


  1. Haha... if you don 't see my comment, it doesn't mean I don't read and like your posts. It's just because sometimes I read it at work, and before writing my comment, my boss called me. Then I forgot and just closed blogger :)) So, keep posting, Joseph. Sometimes we are just silent readers..

    1. Thanks Fanda. I'm the same way, sometimes meaning to comment, and then forgetting if I don't do it right away. Regardless, this was truly an electronic malfunction. People were commenting, I just wasn't seeing it.


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