Saturday, April 25, 2015

Shameless Self-Promotion Saturday (S2-PS) (April 25, 2015)

I usually pick a review that for one reason or another didn’t get many page views. But today’s S2-PS, is a bit different. If you’ve read much of my blog you know that Professor Tolkien is my favorite author and The Lord of the Rings my favorite novel.

My LOTR review has always been one of the most popular on my blog, in fact, it has always been #1 in terms of page views. However, in recent weeks, and for reasons I cannot discern, LOTR has been surpassed by....thought I was gonna name it dint'cha? Nope, if I named the supllanter you'd be tempted to see what's so great about that review, and LOTR might fall even farther behind.

The point is, LOTR is #2 all time, and THAT simply will not do.

So, I invite you to re-review my review hyperlinked below (I’ve tweaked it a bit btw), and get LOTR back on top.

S2-PS is a weekly meme, hosted by The Once Lost Wanderer. You are invited to join in and promote your own blog!
·         Choose a post from your blog, that you would like to promote.
o   It might have received few page views, or few comments,
o   or be one you are particularly pleased with and you just want it revisited,
o   or any other reason that suits you.
o   But please, do it without shame!

·         Link to that page (of course), with an explanation of why you want it revisited (optional).

·         And then please, add a comment to the Once Lost Wanderer with a link to your S2-PS post.

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