Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Classics Club Meme Reboot

First, to the CC mods – Great idea, Thanks! 

September 2015: A meme rewind from October 2013 – We want you to mingle. Go to our member list and select a fellow classics clubber you’d like to feature on your blog. This can be someone who is active within the Classics Club, someone quiet who inspires with his/her posts, someone new to the club or scarce whom you’d like the club to meet. S/he can be a friend of yours, or someone you’ve never met. Tell readers why you value this club member. Highlight at least one post from his/her blog.

So, I went to the member list and randomly selected a couple bloggers to feature:
The first is Wild Moo Books by Chris. At first glance I thought this was Wild Mood Books which probably attracted me more than Wild Moo. Chris has an affinity for cows it seems. Me – not so much. Probably due to the time one of My Uncle John’s dairy cows kicked me and sent me literally flying across the dairy. Chris was apparently also in the Marine Corps, another strike, as I am retired Air Force myself – Aim High. But I’ve forgiven all after reading her review of The Count of Monte Cristo (linked above). One of my all time favorites. 

Next was Ekaterina from Czech Republic. Her blog is In My Book, the link is to her excellent review of an excellent book.
But as a Tolkien fan, I have to add this post as well in which Ekaterina gives herself a superb Birthday present.

Then I wanted to give props to the blogger, whom I believe was the first from the Classics Club to leave a comment on my blog: Ruth at A Great Book Study. Ruth is also one of my most faithful commenters. I enjoy comparing notes with her. We are most often of a similar mind, except when it comes to a certain American author. In fact we’ve been discussing how interesting it is that two people can agree so strongly on one book, and then disagree almost as strongly on another.

As for faithful commenters, honorable mention to: 
Brona Joy @ Brona's Books


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Joseph.
    Lol, what's up with these kicking cows! My grandfather got kicked by one once, or was it a donkey? of the two.

  2. I'm glad to see the monthly memes return too! Now we'll see if I can remember to done them fairly regularly...

    Thanks for the shout-out :-)

  3. Glad to see the CC memes return as well -- love this one and will need to try and do it before the month ends.


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