Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year book challenge 2016

From The Content Reader, who in turn got it from Brona’sBooks – the following is a one day, every fourth year challenge. (I don’t really think it’s a challenge; it’s more of a meme, but it isn’t mine, so I’m sticking with the original wording.)

To celebrate a once in 4 year event - go to page 29 of the book you're reading right now and copy the first sentence onto your blog or into my comments section.

From page 29 of The History of Tom Jones – a Foundling by Henry Fielding

Here Allworthy concluded his sermon, to which Blifil had listened with the profoundest attention, though it cost him some pains to prevent now and then a small discomfiture of his muscles. He now praised every period of what he had heard with the warmth of a young divine, who hath the honour to dine with a bishop the same day in which his lordship hath mounted the pulpit.

But I don’t know – I didn’t find that very exciting.

So, I’m going to do another one. This is from page 29 of the second book (2-29, get it?), on my bookshelf. It’s alphabetized, so page 29 from Little Women by Jane Austen: 

Jo saw a big red-headed youth approaching her corner, and fearing he meant to engage her, she slipped into a curtained recess, intending to peep and enjoy herself in peace.


  1. Great fun! Am almost about to finish Emile Zola's The Fortunes of Rougons; therefore page 29 from the same. It goes something like this- "It is true that Mitte was only a child. She turned paleat the approach of the crowd, she wept to feel Silvere snatched from her; but she was a brave child whose passionate nature was easily aroused." I like it...courage at it best, to be brave and hold yourself up, when you are most scared!

  2. "Oho, quelle aristo!" they shouted with ironical astonishment, gazing at the young girl's face, fingering her gown, thrusting begrimed, hate-distorted faces close to her own."
    'I Will Repay' by Baroness Orczy, 1913.

  3. PS It's actually the 1st March in Aussie but I'm joining in anyhow.

    1. No worries. I tend to bend the rules a bit myself at times.

  4. Great! I guess you can quote as many as you like. A nice meme, as it is! I am also enjoying finding your blog!

  5. Page 29 in Le Clézio's L'Etoile errante "Depuis ce jour, tout avait changé" (1992). Nobel Prize winner 2008 has not yet captured my 'reading heart" yet.
    I will finish the book and give him the benefit of the doubt. 150 pages yet to read...

    1. je parle en peu francais...but this is beyond me. Thanks Helen. Everytime I see a post or comment from you, it make me miss pictoresque vieux Pays-Bas en peu


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