Saturday, March 25, 2017

National Joe Day - NOVA this week

Observations from my weekly wanderings, usually in Northern Virginia (NOVA).

This is really NOVA next week, but if I don’t alert you now to this auspicious event – you might miss it.

Monday is National Joe Day! Yep, it’s a real thing.

There are various ways to observe, but the primary tradition is to send cash to the first Joe, who reminds you of this holiday. Just let me know who much you want to give, and I’ll send you a paypal request.

Other observances include all non-Joes taking the name for the day, and actual Joes taking another name of their choice.

So this Monday, I’m László. I just think it’s a cool name – plus it has TWO diacritical marks. It’s Hungarian and means: One who owns a glory.

I don’t really think I own any glories, but who knows, maybe I’ll get one Monday.

I’m really kind of off point though – Joe Day. Joe, short for Joseph of course, is Hebrew and it means: He shall add (as in be of value, not do addition). I didn’t like my name when I was a child – no reason, but I rather like it now. Most people call me Joe, though I actually prefer Joseph – it’s too late to change now.

So Happy Joe day to you – come Monday.

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