Sunday, January 6, 2019

2019 Year of Shakespeare

2019 Year of Shakespeare

I will be participating in the 2019 Year of Shakespeare challenge, hosted by Hibernator’s Library and The Broken Spine. I don’t believe the challenge requires any set number of plays, but I am aiming for one per month, or four comedies, four histories, and four tragedies. I haven't decided which plays just yet, so stay tuned.

I also don’t see a deadline to join in…so, why don’t you?

January – April Comedies (hosted by Hibernator’s Library)

May – August Histories (hosted by Hibernator’s Library)
     King John
     Edward III
     Richard II
     Henry IV

September – December Tragedies (hosted by The Broken Spine)
     Julius Caesar
       Antony and Cleopatra
       Timon of Athens



  1. I'm going to join too! I just have to get my post up! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I’m planning to read The Tempset & Atwood’s Hagseed as a companion novel.


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