Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Harper Lee to publish a new novel

This is such great news. A sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, with adult Scout.

More than that, I don't want to know until I'm reading the book. I will even interrupt my quest for this.


I know the movie is even further down the road, but I can hope that it will live up to the status of the Robert Mulligan masterpiece.

So...who do you think should play an adult Scout and Jem?

My answer later, still thinking about it.


  1. As excited as I am, I think Jezebel points out something very important: http://trib.al/hKsWCeB. Perhaps it's just fear mongering, but it is an awful big coincidence.

    I think my mind was most shattered by the fact To Kill A Mockingbird was actually her second novel in response to this first one.

  2. I am also excited. I have heard some naysayers being hesitant, but I'm all for it. And you know what, each of us with either like it or we won't! I just think it's cool she has a sequel to be released after all this time.

    1. Yes I have read some trepidation that those responsible for publishing this may not have the venerable Ms Lee's best interest at heart. Sadly, I think there is probably some truth to it...though who can know for sure. Ms. Lee reportedly has moments of clarity, but more often is not particularly lucid. I am torn between excitement over the publication, and my desire that the author's wishes be observed. Still, it seems to be a done deal, and ostensibly Harper Lee has given her approval. I am excited to read her words again.


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