Friday, November 6, 2015

The Game Ignorance Would Not Allow (Wanderer's prose)

Less than a week ago, the Kansas City Royals won the World Series, beating the New York Mets in five. And now Kauffman Stadium and Citi Park are quiet.

How can you not be romantic about baseball?

The Game Ignorance Would Not Allow

by J.E. Fountain

The Champions celebrate, though with less verve each day. The runners up, replay their errors, nurse their wounds, and dream of spring. The pilgrims seek new idols, leaving the great shrines quiet for a season, quiet but not unattended. If the veil were lifted, perhaps our eyes could see the revenants emerge from the shadows. Quickly and quietly to assume the old familiar haunts: Cobb in center, Wagner at short, and Ruth of course at the plate. Other specters are tentative to tread the hallowed and once forbidden ground. Oscar Charleston, Cool Papa Bell, and Josh Gibson take the field that was denied them in life, and the great Satchell Paige takes the mound. Paige vs Ruth: the contest ignorance did not allow. What price would they bring, tickets to such a duel? Something less I think, than the price already paid.

(Oscar Charleston aka the Black Ty Cobb, was just as mean and possibly a better player. James Bell was probably the fastest man in either the Negro or Major leagues. Josh Gibson aka The Brown Bambino probably hit more home runs than Ruth or Aaron but Negro League records were not well kept. Satchell Paige is perhaps the greatest pitcher ever.)

© 2015 Joseph E. Fountain


  1. Have you ever watched Ken Burns' documentary Baseball? It's fascinating, even for someone like me who enjoys watching a live game but doesn't follow the sport.

    1. I've only seen The Tenth Inning, and thought it was very good. Unfortunately, it isn't on netflix anymore.


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