Friday, January 1, 2016

My Fellow Bloggers

I imagine I am not the only blogger who sometimes struggles with blog maintenance. 

I have decided upon one little thing, that should make that challenge easier. I am going to eliminate the blogroll from the homepage, and I invite you to leave a link to your blog. Click HERE to add your blog, or on the “Other Bookish Blogs” link in the banner.

I’d be grateful if you’d leave a comment on that page with a link to your blog and a description, as brief or as long as you’d like.

Really, I’d be grateful. I feel I’ve neglected the blogroll, and I just don’t need the guilt. There are some blogs I should have added, and some non-working links I should have removed. 

For the new page, there’s no criteria other than your blog should be at least partially books, reading, writing, literature, etc. You needn’t have ever commented on my blog. Lurkers welcome. Don’t be bashful. I’d really like to see a long list, where other book bloggers and myself might discover the best book blog on the web…perhaps yours!

So PLEASE!...please participate.

(I’ll leave the current blogroll up for a bit, but I really hope you add your link to the new page.)


  1. Happy New Year from R.T./Tim @ the new and improved

  2. I can relate to this. I haven't done a blog role in ages for this very reason. I am off to check your the new list.


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